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Tomato Garlic Oil!

We are:

( One of us is Cheeky, the other Grumpy; you decide...... )


Leah -

Creator of the Tomato Oil & myriads of delectables on the way. She’s obsessed with all things tasty, clean food, early childhood nutrition and recipe development. Cheeky Monkey was borne of her restaurant of 13 years on Syracuse University Hill.   She's crazy about recipe development, singular ingredients and the vegan diet.  For over 40 years, she’s been a good friend of

Stephen -

Coming with a solid 40-year foodservice and restaurant management background, Stephen adds a hefty level of passion and organization to anything he touches.   Fresh off of a multi-year stint overseas in foodservice operations for U.S. troops - both in Afghanistan and the Marshall Islands - he’s made Cheeky Monkey his newest mission.  Stephen tends to make everything he touches better.




It's like nothing you've ever tasted.

Available in 100s of outlets & online,

Order now & see

why all the hubbub!

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